My name is Jennie, I live in London and am a mum to an 18 month old boy. Soon after my son was born I decided I'd try to tackle the London Underground with my pushchair. I quickly found out that very few stations allowed me and my buggy to comfortably navigate the tube network without the anxiety of standing at the top or the bottom of a large set of stairs.

I was sure there must be this information somewhere online to help avoid stairs on the London Underground. There was, but I thought I could produce something more user-friendly and easily understandable. I also wanted the information in a form that you could carry round with you on an iPhone. So once my son was several months old and I'd come out of the haze of being a first time mum, finally starting to get a few more consecutive hours of sleep, I decided I'd write an iPhone app to detail how accessible each station was. This proved to be a very long process, many hours spent underground collecting data while my son was in nursery.

It was my first iPhone app but having a background as a Java Web Developer I found it wasn't so different. Several months later Mumderground was born. I hope it is useful for everyone needing to avoid stairs and that the Underground becomes a little less intimidating once they know how to navigate stations using escalators and lifts as much as possible.

Of all the challenges of parenthood hopefully travelling on the Underground will now be one less!

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